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Sobre a Agrolinx





The Black Fire charcoal is one of the products Viverplan Group. VIVERPLAN was created in order to provide quality eucalyptus seedlings in an increasingly demanding market. Over the years the company has grown and now operates in several areas of activity: production of seedlings, wood shavings, wood chips, ecochip for gardening and plant eucalyptus charcoal.
Viverplan Group

The Viverplan group operates 5 branches with production of 20 million clonal seedlings per year, 78,000 m³ / year of chips, 48,000 m³ / year of wood shavings sterile, 720,000 kg / year ecochip for gardens and packed and distribute in Brazil and abroad 2,000,000 kg of premium eucalyptus charcoal.


Serve with excellence the demands of our customers from the development and supply of products and services that contribute to improving quality of life, generating wealth in a sustainable way.


To be a reference company in the forestry sector, recognized as the best option for customers, employees, community and suppliers due to the quality of our products, services and relationships.


Environment and Sustainability

All enterprises of Viverplan strictly follow the environmental and labor standards. Participation in social and environmental projects is part of the company's routine, which develops actions together with the communities where the projects are located. All Viverplan products comes from reforested wood, thus ensuring the preservation of the environment.

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